Deeply Closet Series: Investing in Fall and Winter Staples

Throughout this series, we've focused on cleaning out, scaling down, and defining our personal style moving forward. Now comes the fun part- investing with purpose back into your closet with your newly-defined vision!

Here are 5 ideas of items to invest in (defined as "to make use of for future benefits or advantages) that are worth your hard-earned dollars and will be items you still love, admire and use hopefully years from now! 

1. An everyday sweater

This one seems pretty obvious because sweaters are always fall staples- for good reason!           When the temps cool down, you probably reach for a sweater a few times a week, so why not have a quality one that doesn't pill, fall apart in the wash or need to be replaced every year? Investing in a quality sweater for the cooler months of the year is a wise investment you won't regret. Here are a few of our favorites! Click through to shop each piece.

2. Something suede

While suede is definitely a trending material this season, it's also a timeless staple that you won't regret investing in. You can apply this trend to whatever need is greatest in your closet- jacket, shoes, skirt, dress, or accessories like a necklace or hat! Here's a few suggestions from brands we love that do this trend justice in a timeless way:

3. Go-to button down

I'm thoroughly convinced that a button-down that can go from the office to happy hour to the weekend is the most versatile piece you can have in your closet. There are endless ways to style it- tucked in, slightly unbuttoned, tied at the waist, worn open over a top or a dress, tied around your waist- the options are many! You really can't go wrong with a quality button down not just for fall, but for all seasons.

4. Quality boots

Boots are one of the most expensive, yet necessary, additions to our fall closets. Regardless of where you live, you're going to want a pair! For your investment, stick with staple colors that can mix and match with the most outfits, in a style and heel height that you will get the most use out of. Quality boots are one of the most splurge-worthy investments you can make- if you choose a timeless pair that you can repair, shine and keep in good condition, you will end up saving in the long run!

5. Something trendy

What fun is fall fashion without engaging in the trends just a tad? No need to go overboard here- pick one of the trends that best fits with your personal style, that falls within the "save" category, that elevates and makes your outfits a little more fun and adds some personality! Below are a few of our faves- jogger pants, bomber jackets, and ruffles!

So, what fall shopping have you done? Loving the trends? What would you add?