The reason we started Shop Deeply was because of our love for the makers and creatives we have met through gatherings, through instagram, markets, and a number of other ways. We wanted to create a platform to showcase their work, talent and passions, to let you, sweet friend, have an easy and accessible way to connect to the small business community and find gems that you wouldn't find on your weekly trek to Target (not that there's anything wrong with that ;)) When we discovered Hannah Jones and Jamie Frazier of Jamie and the Jones', we knew we'd struck gold, not just with the BEAUTIFUL garments they design and make in Nashville, Tennessee, but also with the women we got to know and work with!

We're so excited to introduce them to you today and give you a little glimpse into their lives as everyday women fulfilling extraordinary dreams. We are HUGE fans and we hope you will be, too!

"We strive to bring a fresh perspective to design by providing you, our customer, a new look into textile techniques, color, and collaboration. Our goal since the birth of Jamie + the Jones has always focused on the blend of quality and effortless beauty, packaged into whimsical and wearable silhouettes that can be worn on any occasion."

1. Do you have a morning routine? What is it?

H: I like to take my mornings very slow with coffee + cuddling my pups. I tend to check emails in bed so I know what to expect when I get to the studio and make a small plan of goals in my head for the day.
J: I am a new mom and every morning seems a bit different:).  Lately we have fallen into a bit of a new routine. When the babe wakes, we lay in bed together and play.  He gets tired after 45 minutes and goes back down for a quick nap while I make some tea, and eat breakfast. Nightime is usually when I can calmly plan out my next day ahead, and check emails or read the news, so I am not so stressed in the morning.

2. Go-to/favorite outfit to live in every day?

H: I was just thinking about this while I was frantically searching for my Black T Top in the laundry. We don’t often get to wear our own garments, as right now they are made to order, but I snagged this one a while back and found myself constantly wanting to throw it on with black pants (I wear lots of black!). My all time favorite shoes are anything Vince as I feel it gives a little modern touch to my wardrobe + can make anything look refined + chic. 
J: I am finally getting into wearing things I feel comfortable in after having a baby.  And my go-to has changed monthly as I slowly am starting to feel normal again. It just changed recently to jeans and cozy sweaters.  Our newest design, The Split Sweater is so comfy!!  Fall is my favorite time of year, especially here in Tennessee because I can still wear my favorite sandals and slip ons and not be super chilly.  I love my Nisolo HuaracheSandals, as they are a good transition from summer to fall.

3. What/who is inspiring your artistry lately? 

H: I think for me it is the word ‘Detail’. While we have been building our brand, our plan has focused on giving our customers refined silhouettes in color palettes we love… Something that has always been a major part of J+J. I have always loved the tiny details, from the perfection of a seam to the little snippets of life we can bring to our branding. We are bringing back more textile details from some of our past collections, and I am so excited about these, as they really represent our vision of J+J as a textile oriented brand. 
J: Color is always an inspiration for us, but specifically Emerald has been on my mind.  When entering college as a design student, my first collection I dreamed up in my head was called “The Emerald Collection”.  I remember showing Hannah my illustrations and vision.  We like to use greens in our designs a lot, but we recently released emerald as our newest color way.  We also have an incredible marbled emerald silk I am dying to release once we find the perfect silhouette we want to make with it.  Something about that deep green invokes such a wonderful feeling for me.

4.Have you always wanted to be a designer?

H: I grew up loving to work with my hands + was encouraged throughout my childhood to explore art. Both of my parents have a knack for creativity and it eventually led me to find the art in design. I loved painting + drawing, but a big part of switching to design was that I absolutely loved to solve problems and find that the most exciting part of running a business. It’s like a life game of Tetris. 
J: I am equally enamored with creativity as I am with numbers and running a business. Growing up I tried and wanted to do everything!  I loved collecting stones and fossils and always thought I may be a geologist. My childhood centered around music and I sang and learned to play guitar. I was part of a band all through high school up until college.  Although, I always knew I wanted to run my own business, but I just didn’t know in what! At one point I created a business plan and sample menu for a restaurant I wanted my whole family to run, haha.  You could say I feel like I would have fun at just about anything… as long as I could be my own boss, haha:).

5. Best trip/vacation you’ve ever been on?

H: It is a tie between a trip to Napa Valley + Paris. 
J: Oh wow, Napa Valley + Paris were with Hannah in college and equally incredible. But most recently (2 years ago) my husband and I backpacked through Asia, from China to India and almost everywhere in between for 6 months. That was quite an experience.

6. A favorite quote of yours? 

H: Often when I am in life situations I always remember certain movie quotes that detail exactly what I am doing/feeling in a specific moment that I recite in my head, of mostly mundane tasks or random moments. Most of the time it is probably Legally Blonde (doing anything challenging in life that compares to her getting in to Harvard “What, like it’s hard?” or any moment that seems shocking “I’m sorry, I just hallucinated”) Anyways, that’s probably weird but that’s all I got. 
J:  Whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things. (This is actually a Bible verse- Philippians 4:8)

7. How many jobs / other careers have you explored before landing upon this one? What were some of them?

H: Not many! When we graduated, it was during the recession in 2009, so our only option for making money was to sell our garments through local businesses. During that time we both worked part time jobs (beginning with Teresa Hays, which led to our marbled fabric). I began teaching Fashion Illustration at O’More College of Design, but it all encompassed the same idea within design + the goals we set for Jamie + the Jones. 
J: Pretty much what Hannah just said except I taught Apparel Manufacturing at O’More College of Design. Every part time job was just a means to make it so we could continue our dream of J+J.

8. Has there ever been a season, moment, or form of disappointment or waiting, that you viewed as a failure or setback at the time, but that you see now as a helpful and necessary stepping stone to positivity in your life today? What was it? 

We took a break for about 3 years, as we kept churning the J+J wheels with little to no success after we graduated. We worked out of a small studio space at the top of Local Honey on Belmont Blvd until it just wasn’t plausible anymore.  At the time, we had articles published in pretty much every Nashville magazine, even Nylon mag, and had explored options of manufacturing overseas (Jamie was living in South Korea at the time, after we moved from the small studio), but there was just nothing happening.
We have the same vision now as we did then, but we didn’t know how to produce our garments + textiles the way we wanted to - Slow process with a focus on details + refined silhouettes. The price point was higher, the quality was better, but we still couldn't break through to a customer base. 
We didn’t quite know who we were as designers then, so it was hard for us to convince anyone + ourselves that this was the right path. This was also right before Social Media became a huge outlet + before an online presence was as easy as setting up a Squarespace shop to sell products. During that break, it is almost like things unfolded naturally to where we decided to give it one last go - And here we are ;) 

9. One fashion or lifestyle staple you can’t live with out? 

H: A great pair of jeans. 
J: A great bag.

10. Favorite thing about your city? 

H: I love that there is a city + a lot of land. I grew up in Franklin + always took the back roads to get anywhere! I love being able to go for a drive on the weekends - but when I was a kid we always went to Barbara’s Home Cooking for the best southern food. 
J: I love the small feel it has, even though it’s growing quickly.  Everyone seems to know everyone.  And, I also love the land. I live just outside the city on 5 acres where I get to see wild turkeys and deer every morning, and hear my neighbors cows and donkeys daily. Yet, I can make it to the center of Nashville in 20 minutes.  You get that beautiful farm land and city feeling all in the same day.

11. Who would you want to play you in the movie of your life?

H: Matilda ;)
J: Charlize Theron… I think that’s too far fetched because she is beautiful, but hey we are dreaming right?!

12. One word to describe the current season of life you’re in?

H:  (a) doozy. 
J: Mom ;).

Thanks so much for sharing your world with us, ladies! 

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