Lancaster County, Pennsylvania 

One of the most memorable stops on the Deeply Goes East tour was Lancaster County, PA. We absolutely love this place. A torrential downpour had us in a bit of a panic moments before the doors opened, but we were completely charmed as we watched folks brave the storm to spend an evening of community, art, and music with us. Our evening took place on property at Stoltzfus Homestead & Gardens, in the beautifully restored Tobacco Barn. The crisp white walls were the perfect backdrop for art displays of calligraphy and photography by Kristyn Starr & Marisa Albrecht

What we loved most about this evening was that it truly felt like a team effort. Marisa brought the photography gems, (and a truly unique + creative display) Kristyn decked the place out with gorgeous calligraphy prints, and at any given moment you could find a member of the Slotzfus family welcoming guests or helping set up the show beforehand. Guests enjoyed iced coffee from a local barista as they shopped the art around the room and listened to Jillian play. 

Huge thanks to Killian Rose for documenting our time in Lancaster County at Stoltzfus Homestead & Gardens. Be sure to follow up on Kristyn and Marisa's social media to stay in the loop with all they are up to! And...if you happen to be getting married anywhere near Lancaster County, PA - Stoltzfus Homestead & Gardens is your venue! The property has so much to offer and we truly couldn't have been more pleased with the space. We hope to be back soon!

Jillian Edwards