Hi friends! Jillian here. I just wanted to say I love recapping our Deeply gatherings on this blog! I love looking through these images and remembering all of the beautiful people and places I had the joy of crossing paths with on this tour. Thank you for following along. Today's recap is of our stop in Durham, NC at The Zen Succulent. (AKA What I like to call SUCCULENT HEAVEN, yall!)

I fell in love with this space and the story of the shop (via some heavy online stalking, or I mean, um, researching) almost instantly. The Zen Succulent is a modern terrarium and plant craft business created by mother/daughter team, Megan and Margaret George. Megan was immediately kind and receptive when I reached out to her about this gathering, and I couldn't have asked for a better experience coordinating with her! 

The Zen Succulent is the smallest space we've ever hosted a gathering in, but it is FULL of life. Perfectly tiny, yet open and airy all at once. I loved how guests who were strangers became friends by the end of the night. We were all in such close quarters that it felt natural and easy to meet each other and chat as we all "ooh-ed" and "aw-ed" at the green beauty around us. These succulents and terrariums are NOT A JOKE. They are glorious!! 

Killian completely nailed capturing the feeling of this place, as always. Some of my favorite images from that rainy day in July are these two (below) -- from when we first arrived that afternoon to set up. Light was flooding through the windows and the two of us were just gasping at how beautiful the shop was! We were immediately filled with a very real (yet very unattainable) desire to load up the mazda with a million tiny green plant beauties. 

I can't close this post before I mention the best part of it all. Killian and I had a long drive planned for after the show that night. The next day was our show in Alexandria, VA - so we were planning on knocking out the drive after we wrapped up at The Zen Succulent. As our gathering came to a close in Durham though, a huge storm rolled in. We had to wait for the rain to become at least a little less intense before we could even load out the gear from the shop. We were both feeling worried about driving for several hours through the night in such heavy rain...but we continued to pack everything up, hoping the rain would settle down. It was not letting up! Most of the guests had left the shop at this point, but as we were closing up and just about to get on the road (nervously) -- a sweet new friend that we had made that night at the gathering came back through the shop door. She had come with her daughter to the show and we had talked a little bit before. She knew we were planning on driving through the night in the rain, and just as if we had known her for years and grown up with her own kids...she said "My house is a mess but I have empty bedrooms and clean sheets. Would you guys like to stay?" We instantly felt so much peace and relief! We completely invaded our new friend's home, and we probably got the best sleep of the tour that night! (For the record, her house wasn't a mess - it was beautiful.) We got to the house and stayed up late chatting around the kitchen table eating chocolate and goldfish. We woke up the next day feeling so happy and rested...and then we all enjoyed coffee and breakfast on one of the most beautiful back porches I have ever seen. People are beautiful. Thank you, Kohles family, for being "home" to us. You inspired us. We want to be people like you. We want to give like you give. We love you!

Can't wait to continue recapping this tour! Have a wonderful day, friends! All photos by Killian Rose Photography

- jillian 


Jillian Edwards