There's a a special place in our hearts when it comes to Philly. We've got family-like friends there, and it was simply a joy to gather their community together to uplift the beautiful work being done by ARC & CO Jewelry. In a barn lit by twinkly lights (have we mentioned we like twinkly lights?) guests enjoyed a concert and shopped ARC's lovely handmade pieces. 

What we love most about ARC & CO is that it is an entity made up of 3 young women who are pouring themselves into their craft, in order to benefit the lives of orphaned girls. ARC & CO has a standing partnership with Hekima Place in Kenya - an organization that provides education, housing, and stability for young women in need. Next to the jewelry display, the ARC girls had a large wood structure standing several feet high covered with polaroid photos of each of the girls at Hekima Place, written with each of their names. You could practically see their hearts bursting with love for these friends of theirs on the other side of the world. It was sincerely beautiful. 

Make sure to follow up with ARC & CO to stay updated with (and to be inspired by) the way they are changing the world for good. We couldn't have asked for a better evening with their amazing crew - they had the barn looking incredible...we considered moving in but figured we needed to get back home ;) Thanks to Killian Rose for capturing our time together! 

Jillian Edwards