Deeply Goes East is a tour we took exploring beautiful companies along the east coast this summer. In order to get to the coast from Nashville, we made our first stop in Greenville, SC at THE PRETTIEST SHOP YOU'VE EVER SEEN, aka Knack Studios. Yall, we're not kidding. We gasped when we walked in. 

From the most original couch we've ever seen, to the immaculately crisp overall tone of the space, to the trinkets around the room - made my artisans of all sorts...we were in love. We were also in love with owner Barb Blair, who is one of those people who you start talking to and immediately feel like you've known for years. Barb restores pieces of furniture into one of a kind beauties. The shop was filled with her work, ensuing gasp, after gasp, after gasp. 

photos by Killian Rose 

photos by Killian Rose 

It was clear that Knack Studios cultivates a dear, dear community in Greenville. Once the evening began, guests enjoyed SPECTACULAR donuts + coffee, made by Greenville's own GBD donuts and caffeinated goodness from The Village Grind. The concert was held in the back of the shop, perfectly nestled in a cozy corner-- right in the middle of Barb's creative space. Basically, we couldn't have kicked off the tour at a better place. We left feeling like we gained 60 new friends, and Barb was even kind enough to gift us with her new amazing book, Furniture Makes A Room. Be sure to stay updated with all she's got going on...and if you're ever in Greenville, this is a MUST. You've got to see this place in person. (And when yo do...hug Barb for us!!!) 

Jillian Edwards