Deeply Closet Series: Why We Love a Lean Closet

Image via  Stylizimo

Image via Stylizimo

It’s 2016, and minimalism is king, so I’m going to assume that the terms “capsule wardrobe,” “lean closet” and “basics” are all terms you’re familiar with, even if you don’t implement them in your own life. We aren’t here to reinvent the wheel or sell you on a new technique for living minimally, but over the next several weeks, we want to walk you through why we have gotten so on board with the idea, what benefits we see from it, and how it lines up with our mission at The Deeply Co.

What you can plan on seeing here:

-          Why would I want a lean closet?

-          How to clean out your closet with purpose

-          How to define your personal style and your closet’s true needs

-          What you should invest in this fall/winter

-          Examples of how to create MORE outfits with LESS items

-          Why having a leaner closet means more freedom in your style

-          The Cost Per Wear Equation and what that means for your closet

-          Why Supporting Small, Local and Ethical businesses is our heartbeat

One of the things you will hear us say again and again over the next several weeks as we take you down our path to a lean closet is that we do not believe in minimalism for minimalism’s sake. While we think the simplistic, airy, and clean style of minimalism that is prevalent right now is beautiful, and we incorporate elements of it in our own lives, we do not believe that the aesthetic is the goal. As we’ve worked with makers, artists and designers all over the country in the last year through our gatherings and Shop Deeply, we have become enraptured with the idea of slow fashion and all that it entails. Over the next several weeks, we want to take you down a journey to look at your closet and consumption differently, to fully understand the breadth of impact it can have on not just your life, but the lives of people all over the world. What we wear and how we spend our dollars matters, and in taking it more seriously, we may discover how we can love each other deeply through our closets.


For today, a few quick ideas on WHY we are making a lean closet our mission:

1.       It’s practical

I’m sure I’m not the only one who has ever stood in her closet of smooshed together hangers and still thought, “What to wear?” Our problem has never been that we don’t have ENOUGH clothes, rather, we don’t have the RIGHT clothes. And the right ones are hidden amongst the mess of one-off super trendy pieces that only worked that summer of 2011! We all know that closet clean outs on occasion are necessary, and some of us have probably even tried the Marie Kondo method to no avail. But when your closet has been cleaned with purpose, you have everything you need, you know you love it all, and there’s no clutter to distract you.

2.       It’s empowering

You know that feeling when a friend texts you a picture of something and says, “This is so you, I just had to send this to you”? I don’t know about you, but I always have a slight sense of pride at having defined what I love and what my style is well enough that someone else was able to spot it, too. And while that might seem trivial or silly, it actually says a lot about your confidence in what you wear and in turn, how confident you are on a day to day basis. Imagine walking into your closet every day and knowing every piece is very “you”- you won’t have to stand in there long to put together an outfit, and you’ll walk out the door feeling authentically yourself and comfortable in your own skin.

3.       It’s purposeful

We’ll walk through this at length in the coming weeks, but one of the main reasons we love the idea of a lean closet is that it gives purpose to something that can very easily become a vice. Practicing discipline in how you shop will save you from too many buyer’s remorse items, will save your budget, and will ensure that every item gets its full use. There are so many ways your closet can do good- whether you donate unused items to someone in need, buy from ethically produced brands who provide living wages for their workers, or purchase secondhand clothing to prolong the life of a garment, the way you approach your closet has massive implications for more people than you probably ever imagined!


We want to make sure we are up front and honest with you about a few things- we are learning this WITH you, and have by no means achieved this for ourselves at a level that feels complete. We are not advocating that purchasing fair trade items is the ONLY way to build a lean closet well. We believe in doing all things with intention, conviction, and purpose, and that includes the way we approach our discretionary spending on clothing. We’re excited to learn with you, hear your thoughts and ideas, and build a beautiful wardrobe that we are proud to wear!


love, raegan