Be Kind To Your Skin - Nourishing Cream Cleanser

I need face wash. I go to the grocery store. I walk toward the face wash aisle. I get distracted by the nail polish. I look at the new colors and then convince myself I don't actually need more nail polish. I turn towards to face wash section. I find the multi-level shelves lined with options, with who knows how many chemicals in them that won't be kind to my skin. I stare at the packaging. I read the labels. I can't pronounce anything on the back of the bottle. My brain hurts. I get delightfully distracted by the Mariah Carey song that is playing through the speakers. My phone rings, it's my sister. She wants to know if I got her text, and if I did, will I please send her the recipe for the white bean chicken chili? I put my phone away. I stare at the face washes again. Now KC & JoJo is playing and I am singing under my breath. Eyes back to the face wash. Defeated, I grab the one that seems to speak to me. I check out. I go home. I wash my face. 

Now, how about cutting out a few steps? And, how about using face wash that has safer ingredients? Yes please. One click away. And you can listen to 90's R&B in your living room as you order, if you'd like. Nourishing Cream Cleaner by BeautyCounter is right HERE

Last week on the blog, you met Carolyn - our go-to girl for safer skin care! (If you missed it, we highly recommend you soak up her wisdom HERE.) She's showing us the way to caring for our skin intentionally, step by step -- and we're starting by talking about safer face wash! Beautycounter's Nourishing Cream Cleanser is ultra-gentle, deeply moisturizing, and lightweight. 

We went ahead and asked Caro for her knowledge on the topic. 

Deeply: Where do I order it? Caro: Follow this link, place it in your bag, and check out! 

Deeply: What's the price? Caro: $26. Seem expensive? I promise a little goes a long way and it is worth it! What I've learned with Beautycounter products (and many other things in life, let's be real!) is that less is more. I buy products less often, use less products overall, and apply less of the products I buy because Beautycounter uses high concentrations of effective ingredients. 

Deeply: Why do you love this stuff? Caro: I have used this cleanser for the past two years nearly every night. It gently washes off my makeup, and leaves my skin feeling fresh and hydrated. Especially in the winter, I'm looking for all the moisture my skin can get, so this soothing but effective cleanser is my go-to. Previous facial cleansers were either too oily, or stripped my face of all moisture leaving it super dry. I like this one because it adds moisture while cleansing, leaving my skin with a dewy, healthy glow

Deeply: What song are you most likely to start dancing to at the grocery store? Caro: Love On Top by Beyoncé. The key changes toward the end get me every time! 

Thanks for shooting us straight on face wash that is safer on your skin, Carolyn! Follow along with Caro via Instagram

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