10 Wardrobe Resolutions for 2017

We’re several days into our New Year, and I’m sure you’ve read many articles and blogs on New Year’s resolutions, NOT having resolutions, goals instead of resolutions, etc. We don’t want to add to the clutter as we don’t think we have much to add to the many well thought-out and inspiring posts already out there! However, since we’ve spoken at length about our buy less/buy better mindset and how we are learning as we go with you, we wanted to tackle a few “intentions” ;) for the New Year related to those goals! Let us know if you might try a few of these with us!

1.       Choose a month to not make any clothing purchases whatsoever.

Maybe it’s January since December is always expensive. Maybe you know you have a big month of expenses coming up due to a move or school or a lifestyle change. Whatever it is, choose a month, stick to it, and slowly break the bonds of consumerism!

2.       Fake a shopping spree by revitalizing items in need of love in your closet

If you didn’t get around to cleaning your closet out last year, the new year is a GREAT time to get a clean slate. If you need some guidance, you can reference our method here. If you have a pile of damaged, too big/small, or even wrinkly clothes, make a game plan to salvage those. Take mendable pieces to a seamstress, clothes that would fit better with a little tailoring to a tailor, and for goodness sake, pick up those wrinkled to death pieces that you skip over every time you go to the closet and either wash and dry them or give them a good iron. You’ll feel like you just went on a shopping spree once you’re done!

3.       Step up your commitment to ethical shopping

If you’ve never purchased from an ethical/sustainable source before, make a commitment to make your first purchase with your clothing budget this month. If you do it regularly but not always, maybe have an ethical-only month. Whatever it is, choose to immerse yourself in brands that give back, help out, and provide dignity and value to the makers and the planet. You don’t have to be perfect at this, but every little bit helps, and in doing so, it opens your eyes to new brands you may not have tried otherwise! Shop quality, re-wearable pieces that will be workhorses in your closet for seasons to come and you’ll be glad you made the investment.

4.       Commit to learning more about ethical fashion

We have a list of all kinds of ways you can learn more about who makes your clothes here, and we’d LOVE for you to learn more. We promise, you’ll be inspired to make changes in your own life because of it.

5.       Visit your local thrift or consignment store to shop and sell          

One of the BEST ways you can be a conscious consumer on a budget is to do the good ole reuse, reduce, recycle method. You can find a wealth of hidden gems at your local thrift or consignment store (and now there are amazing online stores that offer one-of-a-kind vintage and rare pieces if that’s your thing). Before you go in, raid your closet for what you don’t love anymore, but is still in good condition, and either donate or sell those pieces before shopping. You’ll make space in your closet, cut down the cost of any new purchases, and you’re cutting back your consumer footprint on the world by reusing instead of buying new!

6.       Make a pin board of wants before deciding they are needs

This is one of my best shopping hacks that has probably saved me thousands over the past few years. If I am online shopping as I am wont to do, before I make a purchase on a whim, I pin the item into my “shopping list” board (it’s private so nobody sees how large it is). Monthly, I’ll go through and clean out that board. If there is anything on there that I am still thinking about a month later AND I still have space in my clothing budget, I’ll get it. Most of the time, I end up trashing 90% of the pins in there to tame it down to just what I LOVE- and pat myself on the back for only mentally throwing away clothes and money instead of physically.

7.       Find a replacement habit for shopping

This may not be everyone, but I know for many, shopping is an addictive habit, and the ease and convenience of online shopping makes it all too easy to feed it. Think of something that you could do that doesn’t involve spending money, but serves as a good replacement habit for the need to shop. Maybe it’s picking up a DIY skill set so you can make your own accessories, like jewelry making or crocheting. Maybe it’s giving yourself an at home manicure or facial to pass the urge. Or, you could challenge yourself to style 10 pieces into 10 different outfits to remind yourself of all the gems you DO have, and in doing so, maybe you can narrow down your needs before hitting the stores.

8.       Take better care of your wardrobe

Going forward, vow to take better care of the clothing you have. Follow wash and care instructions, keep items steamed and fresh that you wear on a regular basis, and keep a small tool kit on hand to fight frays, pills and loose threads before they become big problems. You honor the quality of the clothing and your hard work that it took to make that purchase when you care for your clothes.

9.       Shop local more often

One of my favorite things to do on a Saturday morning is to visit our local farmers market and in addition to getting my weekly produce, check out the small businesses set up with tents and booths selling their handmade wares. When you shop from a small business, you get to form a relationship with the person who made what you are consuming, and it’s a really cool dynamic. Once you experience that enough times, it becomes something that is more important to you because of that connection. That’s how all “things” used to be for people, but we rarely get that interaction anymore. You’ll never know how much that interaction and purchase could bless you AND the maker.

10.   Become an advocate for slow fashion

If you are already on the slow fashion/ethical sourcing train, put it on yourself to get more people on! When you find a brand you love that provides living wages for their employees, post about it on social media and let others know! If you’re really passionate about it but don’t know what you can do to further the agenda, reach out! Most ethical companies would LOVE your help and your heart in getting the word out, and there may be ambassador opportunities with them that could earn you free product or extra cash for your promotion! If you’re interested in hosting a Deeply shopping party, email us at shopdeeply@thedeeplyco.com and we can tell you more about how you can be a part of what we are doing as well!


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