Deeply Does Dallas!

Hi guys! Jillian here. I wanted to pop in and share a bit about our Deeply gathering a couple of weeks ago in Dallas!

Basically, it was a hometown-joy-circus. 

...of old friends, new friends, business partners, and Grandmommy. (She had the best seat in the house. Chelsea of High Point Supply Co even reserved her a special chair so that she could watch her granddaughter [that's me] sing.)

To really explain the magnitude of amazement that happened in my heart that night, I have to zoom out a bit. The gathering took place at a storefront in Dallas called High Point Supply Co, a company that exists to lift others up by selling goods that give back to various charities. The amazing women who run HP have been incredibly kind to Deeply - they serve as the physical home to our clothing collection. This means that Deeply's clothing catalog is not only available online, but in a real store, guys! What?!

In case it's not obvious, it blows my mind to say that The Deeply Co operates as a clothing retailer as well as an entity that celebrates music and art via intimate gatherings. I am baffled. It was such a joy also to be in the same room as my friend and business partner, Raegan! She is the firepower behind Deeply's expansion as a retailer. Because I am based in Nashville and she is based in Dallas, we are able to communicate every day - but not in person! So the evening was extra sweet! We've been working for over a year together now on Deeply's retail branch, but we hardly get to see each other. Although our online shop has been up and running for several months, our gathering at High Point Supply Co was my first time to see our clothing in person at the shop! It was an incredible experience to see the fruition of Raegan's dreams and mine overlap. Somehow, by the grace of God, we get to do what we love. I'm sure you can relate - there are plenty of little pockets in my life that aren't exactly glamorous, that aren't the exact thing I dream of doing, necessarily. We all have responsibilities that we are tied to that are essential parts of life...but when you find yourself standing somewhere that enables you to do what you love, that is such a sweet moment. I'm so grateful to sing songs. I'm so grateful to be surrounded by people who pay attention to what brings them joy and run with it. That's what The Deeply Co is for me, and I feel like I am on a ride excitedly anticipating what's around the corner. 

I'm so grateful to be surrounded by people who pay attention to what brings them joy and run with it.


I digress! Back to the gathering. It was an intimate concert in a beautiful store front in the heart of Dallas - inside the walls of a company we adore. I'm from Dallas, so it was a hometown show, with familiar faces everywhere. The icing on the cake is that my favorite painter and dear friend Marcy Cook displayed her canvases at the show as well! Her art brings something magical to every room, because of who she is. Marcy is one of my best friends in the world and so it always feels right to have her and her art close by. One of my dear friends Kelsey joined me for about half of my concert with her stunning voice! The two of us used to play shows together all through college -- she is one of those harmony know, those people who can hear a song once and sing harmony perfectly on pitch? Somehow magically memorizing every lyric and change in the melody? That's her. I've missed singing with her, and she adds so much to every song, and really just adds so much to life. It felt so right to sing together and it made my heart so happy. (She's also a wonderful artist on paper...check her instagram at @kelsey__leigh)

LeeAnn Funk took all of the photos at our Dallas gathering, and she crushed it! LeeAnn and I went to high school together, and it had been years since we had seen each other-- it was just so much fun to be in the same room! LeeAnn is a firework. She's kind, loving, humble, and just a blast to be with. Not to mention she is an incredible photographer and graciously offered up her gifts to Deeply! I love how she captured the evening and I love her. 


Thank you to all who came and spend your evening with us in Dallas. You made it special. 

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