Deeply Dozen with Allie Cottrell

Hi friends! We have a special treat for you on today! A few weeks ago, we introduced you to Killian Rose, the gifted photographer behind our spring photo shoot. Today, we want you to meet one of our dear friends and model of the spring line, Allie Cottrell. A worship leader and sales manager at Five Daughters Bakery, she and her husband Parke call Nashville home. Allie, you are a gem inside and out, so thank you for generously sharing your story, passions and joyful personality with us! We hope you love her as much as we do!

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1. What attracted you to music?

            Music is just a part of who I am. My dad was the music minister at our church, so my house was constantly filled with music. He would wake us up to LOUD Billy Joel or Eagles music, even when we would come home to visit from college. I played the French horn starting in middle school all the way through college. Its the first thing I notice when I walk into the bakery. I can’t think of a time when music has not been part of my life.


2. At what point did you consider yourself a musician?

            The day before my 21st birthday, there was an EF-4 tornado that hit the campus. It was on the national news because the National Guard showed up expecting hundreds of casualties but not one person lost their life. It was an actual miracle. All my belongings that were found, fit into a drawer, which now hangs in my kitchen as a reminder of God’s faithfulness and provision…

            After I realized that all my friends were alive, my next thought was that I had just lost all my music that I had ever written. I actually didn’t, we found it later, which was awesome!

            That was the moment, even though I always knew that I wanted music to be a part of my life in some capacity, that I accepted that I probably need to do something about this. That was when I really started to accept that this was more than a silly dream.


3. Favorite moment in the creative process?

            I don’t know if it’s my favorite, because its kinda the scariest, but letting the people that either inspired the song or somebody like my husband or my family hear it. That first release, when its not just me hearing the song anymore…when I let go and let someone else hear it, letting them into the process.

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4. What is inspiring you right now?

            Life. Honestly. Sorrow, tragedy these last two years have been the most rewarding but also the most difficult. I’m telling you all these exciting things like I got married, we have 5 Daughters, and I found freedom and healing, but at the same time its the first time I’ve ever experienced the sudden, close death of a friend. There has been a lot of loss that either myself or my friends have experienced and the brevity of life is a lot more real to me now. What’s important isn’t us, we are not the goal, we aren’t the center of everything. If we actually want to do what is important, like love on others, but we can’t even love ourselves well, how can we expect to do that? We are just going to run dry. I’m inspired by experiences, mine and those of the ones closest to me.


5. If you could have a chat with anyone over coffee, with whom would it be and what would you order?

            An almond milk cappuccino with 1 raw sugar, and John Williams. He was 83 when he composed the score for Star Wars: The Force Awakens and it’s brilliant! He puts so much French Horn in that I’m just like “French Horn! French Horn!” I just love music and if you are 83 and still so brilliant, I’m like, "Who are you and what’s going on in that brain of yours?!"


6. What does a rest look like for you?

            Honestly, in the last year specifically, just realized that I always thought I was an extrovert, but I am not! I am an outgoing introvert! I love being around people, but that is not how I recharge. For me, we call this our “Spot”, its the couch in our house, where Parke, myself, and our dog, Cocoa, each have our place on the couch and at the end of the day, we just sit there with a glass of wine and Netflix. Or to have one-on-one time with a close friend in a really chill way, maybe by the pool. Simply put, rest for me is just about being intentional, it doesn’t have to look like one specific thing, as long as I am by myself or with my core people, I am good.


7. One word to describe your season of life?

            Growth. I’m in a new role of leadership, so growth in leading. I’m in a new role in marriage, where I’m learning how to communicate. Even as a communication major, I do not have it all figured out, there’s always ways to grow!

8. Favorite sweet treat?

            Okay so we (5 Daughters Bakery) don’t have this now because we change our flavors monthly, but we had a Sunbutter Paleo. About 4 months ago, I was like, "I really need a Paleo version of a peanut butter cup, because Trader Joe’s dark chocolate peanut butter cups are my favorite", they are just amazing! Our awesome kitchen manager was like, “Okay Allie, I’m gonna try and make this for you." It had a chocolate cake base, sunflower seeds in the cake, with a house-whipped sunbutter topping with a chocolate ganache drizzle. It was, oh, it was my go-to!


9. Do you have a favorite quote or words you like to live by?

            I don’t really think that I do, it’s not an actual quote, it's just kinda what I feel like my theme is, which is be yourself, be real and realize that you are loved. That’s just me saying that!


10.And finally, in tune with the heart of the Deeply Co, what does the word deep or depth look to you?

            Depth in general, looks like going after the hard stuff. In relationship, its about being willing to get dirty with someone, willing to reveal everything about yourself, your imperfections and your flaws. Depth is being vulnerable to let others know when you are struggling, when you are mad or you are REALLY excited about something and you don’t want to brag but you just really need to be excited with someone about an opportunity!

             It’s being way more than surface level, knowing that there is always more and being willing to go after it. True, deep love is what we want but to be deeply known means letting people see that we aren’t perfect.

            BUT, when you actually do that, its the most powerful thing, because those are bonds that aren’t going to break. I’m learning to see the beauty in things that I used to miss. In all honesty, I’m so excited about everything that’s going on with the Deeply Co because it’s all about shining light on beauty and bringing into focus the things that we otherwise might not have noticed. It’s really cool to, in this tiny capacity, get to be a part of that.