Here at Deeply, we are always looking for opportunities to dig in, slow down, and
cherish the hidden gems of life. The last few weeks of August are one of those gems. As
adults, many of us have said goodbye to the classroom in favor of the workforce. For the
teachers and moms in the room, the final days of summer become a blur of errands and
checklists. Like Christmas, this season can easily be taken for granted, packed full of tasks,
or simply dismissed, but together, we are going to celebrate it, heart and soul. To do this, we
are going to spend the next few weeks going back to all the beautiful things that we love
about school and celebrate them by incorporating them into our daily routine.

This week, the topic is curiosity. The release of class schedules is a promise, a
promise that in the weeks that follow, you will be given the opportunity to ask questions and
find answers. You will be asked to dig for knowledge, assemble it creatively and share with
your peers. You will learn something new. You will be allowed, required, to be curious.
Without classes, curiosity must now be cultivated. A teacher is no longer asking us
what we learned that week. That responsibility is now ours and curiosity is a precious gift. The
pattern of consistent, inquisitive learning is how we expand our horizons and live creatively. In
order to do that, here are some tips to cultivate curiosity on your own.

1: Start With Wonder: Create a list of all the things that you have wondered about this month.
If you are having trouble starting, try answering these questions:
I wonder how _____ is made?
I wonder what it would take for me to______?
I wonder how they created ________?
I wonder what inspired them to _______?

2. Set A Timer: In school, classes have a start and end time. Free yourself to explore your
creative side, chase rabbit trails, and explore new topics by creating a set time in which you
can be curious. During this time, avoid social media, moving laundry or opening emails and
have fun!

3. Go Back In Time: Every kid has their go-to game, sport or activities. Write out a few of your
childhood favorites. What is the adult version? Set a date and time to investigate and try out
that activity.

4. Make a Friend: Sitting alphabetically promised that you would be near someone who was
nothing like you, but as we have grown up, we tend to gravitate towards people like us. Using
online video resources like TEDtalks, podcasts, and blogs, meet someone new by listening to
a speaker or topic that is outside of your comfort zone.

5. Make a Folder: In our busy world, it’s hard to filter what we want to dig deeper into and
what we want to ignore. Start a folder on your computer for interesting ideas, articles, and
videos. Then, schedule a meeting with your folder. Use this time to sift through the links that
caught your eye, exploring all the things that peaked your curiosity.

We would love to hear your tips on cultivating curiosity, leave them in the comment section

Written by Haley Meredith

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